Prince Mithras

Ancient vampire, Prince of London, and THE Mithras


Medium height, with a compact and slightly muscular build, swarthy skin for a vampire, classically handsome features, dark eyes and dark hair worn shoulder-length in loose curb. He normally wears a soft cloth hat of some sort, preferring the ancient Persian “phrygian cap.” He prefers loose clothing that does not impede movement.

Mithras is a chiseled statue of masculine perfection, with not a hair out of place. His eyes are deep-set under lids that show the purpling of immense fatigue. His mouth is set in a scowl and seems marred by the age that has not touched the Prince of London for thousands of years.

Stats (in case you pick a fight with him):



About 3,000 years old.

The object of worship of the Mithraic mystery cults; while he may not actually be a god, he will straight up murder your ass if you don’t acknowledge him as such. Has been in charge of vampiric society in Brittania/Angleland/Danelaw/England since the first century CE, with the odd century or two spent in torpor.

Prince Mithras

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